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Strategic Brand identity

Every brand has a story to tell. A brand should be driven by its story and what makes it unique rather than what might be on-trend.

Strategic Brand identitiy is the essence of a company's brand, encompassing its personality and positioning. It guides brand decisions and ensures consistency. It involves understanding the audience and market to establish a unique proposition. By crafting visual elements and aligning them with messaging and values, it creates recognition, trust, and differentiation for long-term success.  brand you're truly proud of and will get your business the results you are hoping for.

Website design

Your website  is a platform for people to experience your energy, comprehend your brand, and develop a deep affinity for what you provide. I recognise the significance of not just an aesthetically pleasing, but also a user friendly website.

Design details

Our design days are here to give you the extra set of hands you need to check off those smaller tasks - in just one week!  We can tackle whatever’s on your design to-do list to help you create something truly beautiful.


To The Brand Merchant, Design Studio where we specialise in crafting diverse and imaginative brands that are destined for success. With our strategic design expertise and commitment to authenticity, we empower businesses to reach new heights and captivate audiences with impactful brand identities. Join me on this creative journey as we unlock the full potential of your brand and set you on the path to stand out in amongst the crowd.

Offering design services across many areas of design, including website design and development, print collateral, advertising and signage, wherever you are in your brand journey I am here to help.
Together, we'll embark on this creative journey together

Whether you're reviving a worn-out brand or web presence or embarking on a brand-new venture, I'm here to accompany you on your digital journey, collaborating to create a distinctive, compelling brand that authentically embodies your vision and business values, enabling you to shine amidst the digital landscape.


Your brand journey

1. Brand strategy

We’ll uncover what makes you stand apart and creatively position your brand.

2. Let's Chat

After your enquiry we schedule a discovery call (or coffee date). This gives us a chance to connect, and chat about all of the options for your unique project.

3. Let's go

After the discovery, you’ll be able to decide on which custom package to go with for your project, we will lock in your start date, and begin your design journey!

Brand Identity

Creating your brand is about more than having a logo. We believe in an intentional brand design approach. While it's of course important to make everything look pretty, we look beyond trending colours and aesthetics to really understand what will speak to your audience.

Our branding packages cover everything from typography and colour palettes to logo variations and brand style guidelines, the key to establishing and elevating your business presence. We realise there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, if our packages aren't quite right for you, we can tailor them to fit perfectly.